Sunday, 23 August 2009

Look at your Life

photo by Eben

"Should a man lose everything he owns has he truly lost his worth or is it the beginning of a new and brighter birth.

So how do you measure the worth of a man in wealth or strength or size, in how much he gained or how much he gave?

The answer will come to him who tries to look at his life through heaven's eyes."


We don't always undertand why God is allowing the things He allows in our lives, but God sees the bigger picture that we can't see.

Let go, and let God.

("Through Heaven's Eyes" from the movie "The Prince of Egypt")

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Thursday, 6 August 2009

LSS: The Last Time

by Eric Benet

The first time I fell in love was long ago.
I didn't know how to give my love at all.
The next time I settled for what felt so close.
But without romance, you're never gonna fall.
After everything I've learned;
Now it's finally my turn.
This is the last time I'll fall... in love.
The first time we walked under that starry sky,
there was a moment when everything was clear.
I didn't need to ask or even wonder why, because each question is answered when your near.
and I'm wise enough to know when a miracle unfolds, this is the last time i'll fall in love.
Now don't hold back, just let me know.
Could i be moving much too fast or way too slow.
'Cause all of my life, I've waited for this day.
To find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I'll never be the same.
You'll never know what it's taken me to say these words.
And now that I've said them, they could never be enough.
As far as I can see, there's only you and only me.

This is the last time I'll fall in love.
Last time i'll fall in love.
The last time i'll fall... in love...

Monday, 3 August 2009

Until We Meet Again

I remember, two weeks ago when I celebrated my birthday with my folks. It was a typical “pinoy masa” party where relatives and close friends reunite to enjoy a special day. It’s a day of nostalgia as we reminisce our juvenile years and college lives. Nothing has changed, the bond of friendship and close ties remains. There may be gossips, differences or misunderstandings yet we all have a common denominator – WE love to sing. And because every member of the clan are “musically inclined”, that day when I celebrated my birthday, we found ourselves singing from noontime until midnight; enjoying good food, booze and all time karaoke favorites.

It was my Tito Lito who first sang his favorite piece, “Skyline pigeon”.

Tito Lito is a funny man. Together with my two uncles, they’re like TVJ (Tito, Vic and Joey) whose jokes are bestsellers. He prefers spaghetti over pancit. Mahilig ma-niko. He’s the all-around carpenter/electrician and peacemaker of the clan. Always ready to defend the oppressed family member. He loves the blackest and strongest of coffee. He's an ex-chain smoker.

Three days later, my week long vacation finally wrapped up and I returned to Singapore with a happy heart.

Five days later, Tito Lito was found lifeless in the toilet. My cousins rushed him to the nearest hospital but then after thirty minutes, the doctors declared he’s dead. He’s gone. A traitor called cardiac arrest took his life. He was on his late 50’s.

This is the second time that a family member died of such.

Like a blink of an eye, it was so sudden. Nobody saw it coming. No farewells on a deathbed. Earlier that day, he’s still able to do his day job as an aluminum fabricator and even played “tong-its” together with his “kumpares” in the afternoon. There were no signs.

Right after I got the news from a cousin, I called my mom. She was crying. All of them are still in shock. One of my cousins who’s a registered nurse started monitoring our parent’s blood pressure as it started to jump after hearing the sad news.

He is survived by his three sons, a daughter and four grandchildren.


Last Saturday during choir rehearsal, we sang “An Irish Blessing” for the quartet examinations. As I sang my part I can’t help but remember my last day with my folks before I depart for Singapore. Tito Lito even gave me a hug and a pat on the shoulder as he uttered “Take care, see you next time.” I was holding back the tears...

"Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hands."

You will be missed, Tito. Finally, you're reunited in heaven with your loving wife, Tita Annie.