Monday, 22 June 2009

In Photo: Happy Father's Day

"Walk with Dad"
Taken last 21st June, 2008

To my old man, please take care of your self always.
Please be patient with Mom, because I know you two quarrel a lot.
If my siblings are making fun of your visayan accent, it's just their way of making "lambing".
You may have the stinkiest feet, the loudest snore or the most outragous fart,
But these small, funny details about you only shows that there are no embellishments needed to describe how great you are as a father of five.
I thank God for choosing you and Mom as my parents.
And finally, my one and only wish, is that for you to quit your "tong-its" addiction. Por pabor...
We love you Papa.


gillboard said...

belated Happy Father's Day!!!

enhenyero said...

Imperfections you learned to love because you have no choice,lol

Jinjiruks said...

belated tatay day sa iyo!

Turismoboi said...

cute pic!

iriz said...

you don't love just "because of" but also "despite of". Now that's a choice.

Belated Happy Daddy Day kay Tatay!