Saturday, 14 March 2009

At The Current Moment

Hello blogosphere! I haven't updated my blog recently because I'm caught up with a lot of work related stuff. Today is Saturday but I'm still in the office rushing some tasks because project deadline is just a stone throw away. The month of March is one helluva week for me, I badly need a vacation!

Meanwhile, before I post the next installment of my ambitious as in "abisyoso ilusyonada" attempt to superstardom, I will respond to a tag made by enhenyero. (Thank you sir!)

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.”

1. Where is your cellphone --- on top my cubicle's divider. It's the only place where I can get a signal.

2. Your hair -- "mahangin ba sa labas" hairstyle, dark brown

3. Your father --- In the confines of the gambling table playing "tong-its".

4. Your favorite thing --- silver white winter that melts into spring these are a few of my favorite things...ayan kantahan na lang kita ala Fraulein Maria.

5. Your dream last night --- I'm with somebody. Off we go to Dasmarinas riding a roach-infested Jasper Jean bus. *cue intro Maalaala mo kaya*

6. Your favorite drink --- Water! I'll be needing gallons of it for my Bikram class later.

7. Your dream goal --- Pumayat! LOL

8. The room you are in --- Singapore Airlines Slavery Room I.T. Department

9. Your fear --- Cockroach.

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years --- Back in the Philippines I guess...

11. Muffins --- I'm not fond off. Anything can! *spoken with a Singlish accent*

12. One of your wish list items --- A Fish-Eye Lens for my DSLR

13. Where you grew up --- Sa malinis at disiplinadong lungsod ng Marikina!

14. The last thing you did --- Eat 1 cream puff, 1 mushroom bun, and 1 egg bun.

15. What are you wearing --- Yellow shirt, jeans, rubber shoes, eyeglasses, Bvlgari Blv

16. Your TV --- I don't have a TV set.

17. Your pet --- 2 Shitzus: Kuchie and Kirby

18. Your computer --- Dell Inspiron 1420

19. Your life --- work! bahay! bikram! blog! photography!

20. Your mood --- coping still

21. Missing someone --- hmmm...

22. Your car --- I don't have and no plans of buying.

23. Favorite store --- SM! I miss SM!

24. Your summer --- At the beach, watching sunset.

25. Your favorite color --- green and blue

26. When was the last time you laughed --- just a few hours ago while watching The Simpsons episode: "Eternal Sunshine of the Simpsons mind".

27. When was the last time you cried --- 2 weeks ago.

28. Last person who emailed you --- My college buddy Lambert, nagpapa-add sa facebook.

29. Your favorite food --- Ginataang Puso ng Saging.

30. A place you would rather be right now --- outdoors, taking photos. I miss photography so much...

I'm tagging gillboard, jinjiruks and friendship reign.


Anonymous said...

7. Your dream goal --- Pumayat! LOL

14. The last thing you did --- Eat 1 cream puff, 1 mushroom bun, and 1 egg bun.

E kumusta naman ang pagpapapayat. LOL.

iriz said...

dear, i was just working on my homework that you gave me.those random things. haha. isa isa lang, mahina kalaban. in line.

very busy and friend ko a.
pabalik na ko sa blogosphere. wala e, pinababalik mo talga ko,lol. honestly na miss ko 'to.isusubmit ko na homework ko ok.hehe.

5.Your dream goal --- Pumayat! LOL
*Im looking forward for that, it's not something impossible.go get it!

ingatz lagi!

jeszieBoy said...

yo sup?

I'm inviting you to join the EARTH HOUR 2009!

just check it out! :]

gillboard said...

dalawa na kayong nag-tag sakin niyan... hay...
di ko alam kelan ko gagawin yan... pero itry ko... hehehe

Reena said...

uy SM!! pareho tayo, SM din yung sinagot ko. :)

what made you cry 2 weeks ago?

Chyng said...

What is a Fish Eye Lens? (antamad ko mag-google!)

Nagcrave ako dun sa ginataang puso ng saging!

Thanks for sharing! I hate IPIS too! Near Death Experience ko din sila!

the donG said...

eben ang dami naming nalalaman sa yo. sa singapore airlines ka pala. so cool!

fish eye, saya nga pag meron nun.

pag nasa pinas ka invite ka namin one time sa byahe.

PUSANG-gala said...

busy ha---pero at least me time ka to answer these questions---hirap kaya tong mga tasks na ganito---kayo ako---sobrang tanggi sa ganito----fun fun though~~~~take it slow

Jinjiruks said...

what made you cry 2 weeks ago?

naku eben. nde kita paiiyakain. *joke*

Eben said...

Anon: hu u??

friend: so tingin mo talagang mataba ako? ok fine! LOL

jeszie Boy: will check out the article. Thanks!

gillboard: perstaym kitang ni-tag kaya sana huwag mo akong bibiguin. hehehe.

Reena: Lahat kasi ng kailangan ko nasa SM.. ika nga "We've got it all for you" :)

Chyng: wide-angle lens po yun... nasa 180 degrees ang sakop.

theDonG: game ako diyan! will let you know pag uuwi ako pinas. ;)

Pusang-Gala: sooobrang busy talaga.. :(

Jin: sikretong malupet :p

Reena said...

aba...may balak ka pa bang mag-update ng blog mo? heheheh...ingat!

Reena said...

ay , i like the background better. easier to read. :)

Dee said...

Hi. I blog-hopped from Reena's site. You're a photographer pala. I'm just starting to get interested in it. :)

danieru said...

ako si anonymous. nakalimutan ko maglagay ng name. hehe