Sunday, 11 January 2009

Pimp my Blog

The Esplanade
Photo taken last January 9 '08

Changes done:
1. Changed Background Color from #000000 to #002E3F
2. Blog Title Color was changed from #ffffff to #99C9FF
3. Dropped the old Blog Description
4. Added new blogs in my blog roll, Blogger Icon now included.
5. Font was changed from Trebuchet to Verdana
6. Font color was changed to shades of blue. (plus white)
6. Dropped the collapsible Blog Archive.
7. Proudly Pinoy seal was moved to the left.
8. No more comment moderation.
9. A new music player care of (Actually I got the idea from gillboard's blog ^_^ )
10. New profile picture is now up. (photo taken last January 9, 2008 @ the Merlion Park)


Well, that's just about it. Starting today my blog reopens with a new look. Although it's just a simple makeover, I feel contended still since it's been a while thatI did something to personalize my page. However there's still one thing that I need to do, but I find difficult to accomplish - writing a blog description. I'm thinking of what to put in my About Me section and as of this writing, I have no luck...blangko pa rin ang utak ko.

Kung "Judge Me" na lang kaya? ^_^

Anyway, I hope this year as I change my blog's look and feel, my perception about life, love and career will also change. Looking forward to less emo moments (although it's inevitable hehe) and more of happy episodes. For the coming days/weeks/months, as I continue to weave the story of my ordinary life, something extraordinary will transpire. I'll continue completing my puzzle and will keep on moving forward.

The little speck is rising.


gillboard said...

Hope with the new look, comes with it a new attitude towards life... less emo posts ;p

thanks for the mention!!!

Eben said...

walang anuman gillboard. ;)

iriz said...

nice new look.
i remember how you hate changes before and slowly, i've seen how you embrace it.

complete the puzzle and move forward. teach how to. ^__^

nice day! ;)