Tuesday, 13 January 2009



Yesterday I received an SMS from my mother. She told me that Tita Solly, my mother's youngest sister, was rushed to the Philippine Heart Center. I was shocked by the news because it was just this December of last year that I went back home and spent Christmas with them and I didn’t saw her feeling ill. There was no sign at all...nothing.

Mom told me that my Tita is suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.

Her doctor suggests that a device be put in her chest that will help restore circulation back to normal. I just hope that with this operation she’ll be better. I wish you well my favorite Tita...


I’m back to reading books again and for starters, I’m reading Haruki Murakami’s Underground. It’s about the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway that was carried out by Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese religious movement founded by Shoko Asahara. The book is a collection of interviews of 60 victims and 8 Aum members as conducted by Murakami himself. A detailed description of how the sarin attacks were carried out is also in the book.

Sarin or GB is an extremely toxic substance that targets the nervous system. A tiny drop of sarin can be fatal. After initial exposure to sarin a victim might experience running nose, chest pain and constriction of the pupils.

Now every morning, I always take the MRT to go to my workplace. Well, I know that Singapore is a safe city, but we really can’t be sure of when and where a terror attack might strike. Sometimes I can’t help but imagine what if something like this, God forbid, happens here? I really hope not. That’s why the authorities here are always reminding the people to be alert; actually here the MRT stations are filled with TV monitors broadcasting such reminders showing photo montage of previous terror attacks on other countries’ subway system.

As a matter of fact, it is a normal feat in the MRT stations and trains to hear a P.A. announcement that says “Attention all passengers, if you see any suspicious looking person or article, please inform our staff or press the emergency communication button located at the sides of the train doors”. This message is translated in three languages – Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.


As of 2.30AM today, I have 4 pimples greeting me in front of the mirror. One in my forehead, two near my left nostril, and one near my right sideburn. Hmm, someone’s thinking about me? Haha.

This is the first time that I’m having this pimple breakout. I hope it won’t last that long because I can’t stand it when people stares at me because there’s a foreign object happily settled on my face. Too bad there’s no PanOxyl here, maybe I’ll just leave my pimples be and let them fade a natural fading instead of forcing them to pop out.

From now on I’ll drink lots of water, discipline myself not to eat too much fatty foods and will try to sleep early (err... but not tonight, tomorrow night maybe *^__^* ).


gillboard said...

ako din tinitigyawat. sa noo pa lahat... nakakastress, para akong teen-ager!!!

gillboard said...

oh by the way, hope your tita gets better soon.

jeszieBoy said...

hope yer tita gets well soon tsong.

ingaats tsong. :]

Eben said...

@gillboard - naku wag mo titirisin at baka mag-iwan ng peklat. hehehe.

@jeszie - thanks. ibinalita sa akin ng nanay ko na natapos na yung operation, stable na tita ko.

iriz said...

i feel for your tita and the rest of your family who love her, i wish her well...

That's a bit scary but no, it won't happen right where you are. be safe.

Try to dab toothpaste before bedtime,it has cooling effect that let pimples dry faster. It works on me. or maybe apply a pack of ice every 30minutes to decrease swelling. And yes ,definitely, SLEEP EARLY ;)


Eben said...

salamat friend. :D sige susubukan ko yang toothpaste thingy na yan. hehehe.

wanderingcommuter said...

get well soon to your tita...

go, go, go away to your pimples!

Mugen said...

I hope your auntie would be fine. Nasa Singapore ka pala. Yung mga tropa ko na graduate sa PUP nanjan din.

Eben said...

@ewik & @mugen - salamat pagbisita.

stable na ang tita ko, yun nga lang hindi pa makalabas ng ospital kasi lumilikom pa ng pambayad sa hospital bills.

@mugen - yap nasa Singapore ako..buhay OFW.

Ayel said...

Nice post. three different events in one. :D Sorry about your Tita. Two weeks ago, I had pimples, too. Hehe. Buti na lang, wala na ngayon.