Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Clean Up

It is now past midnight but still I’m not feeling sleepy, got tired of watching Kapuso shows via Pinoychannel and Youtube, no more photos to post process and I got lazy uploading some of my latest mp3 collections in Multiply. So to maximize my time, I decided to do some clean up. Fix things, put them in order or just let my O.C. behaviour set in...

Clean Up#1: My Inbox

A Yahoo! Mail user since 2004, I’m actually not the “Select All-Delete All” kind of e-mail user. These messages that I receive, I just want them to stay inside my inbox. I don’t know but I just want to keep them all. I decided that for this clean up; I’ll just archive my old messages instead of permanently deleting them. My inbox is filled with conversations with my friends and relatives, forwarded messages (such as jokes, religious reads, and gory images), e-mail notifications from social networking sites and latest job postings. Not to mention tons of spam messages that includes ad sense and sex drugs, which honestly I don’t know why I’m receiving such (here comes my innocent look).

I decided to sort these messages by year. I created 4 folders for each year, and then I began ticking and moving. I was all trigger happy at first, but after reaching the year 2005, I got tired already. It’s not easy to organize 6,577 messages...

And so after 2 and a half hours of constant ticking and moving, the final stats are as follows:

2004 – 142
2005 – 796
2006 – 1,144
2007 – 1,445
2008 – 3,650 and still counting
Total: 6,577

Findings: Year on year, the number of messages I receive is increasing. I couldn’t wait for 2009!

Clean Up#2: Receipts, Receipts and Receipts

I have this large tray on my desk where I always put my credit card and bank bills, grocery/shopping receipts and ATM slips for this year. Lately I noticed that they’re all piling up. To remove the eye soar, I decided to organize these bills and receipts by month. All envelopes are grouped together by the name of the sender and ATM slips and grocery receipts I sorted by date starting from the most recent.

I’ve put them in a shoe box and kept safe inside my cabinet.

When I was still back home in the Philippines, I’ve always been like this...Keeping a lot of stuff like school papers, notes and project compilations. My parents will try to persuade me to throw them all or sell them at the junk shop, but I find it hard to do so. Maybe I’m just being overly sentimental.

Clean Up#3: The Toilet

Now this, I must say, is the highlight of the night!

Here in our flat, we’ve arranged a schedule of housekeeping tasks. Cleaning of common areas such as toilet, living room, dining table and kitchen is assigned to each housemate in a round robin fashion. And for this week, the lucky utility guy is no other than.....ME!

The battle of the mould and grime began. My weapon of course, is the all powerful Toilet Duck. I started scrubbing the floor and wall tiles, clean the toiletries stack and face mirror, and finally the basin and bowl with my bare hands. (Later on I washed my hands with soap 3 times plus an ample amount of alcohol. LOL)

After 30 minutes, viola! The oval office is back in its glory days. I just hope that my housemates will maintain its tidiness for the next couple of days...

I remember what my mother used to tell me, that a toilet should be kept clean because it reflects a person’s attitude towards his/her hygiene.


Sometimes, it’s better to keep yourself busy with simple chores instead of torturing your mind from too much thinking. It’s like a diversion, you’ll realize how productive you can become if you’ll just re-channel your energy.

Next clean up...MY ROOM!


iriz said...

The O.C Mode.

Maybe I should let you log in to my work email. There's 900 unread messages in my trash folder alone and more than a thousand unread messages in my work folder that i don't feel the need to open. All of them waiting to be deleted. Can you do it for me?LOL.

Cleaning up...Trashing out.

iriz said...

Oops.i caught a typo error there "There are 900 unread messages.." LOL.

offline ka pa rin.

gillboard said...

pagbalik mo ng pilipinas, papuntahin kita dito sa bahay ko... kelangan ko rin ng maglilinis ng kwarto ko... hehehe

Eben said...

pwedeng pwede friend. Check All natin tapos diretso sa Trash. hehehe.

ok lang! basta yung talent fee ko wag kakalimutan. lol

ardee sean said...

Todo clean up ah.. Ako, I tried cleaning up yung yahoo mail but then napagod din me at hindi ko na maopen yung account. That's why I created a new one. pero un counting uli.. tapos actually, yung mga receipts, bills and ATM copies meron din ako, ewan ko ba.. pero yung ATM, mukhang plan ko na wag magipon nun..wahah..
sa CR, ayun kalinis ko lang din..

pauwi ka na daw, san mo kami libre? weheheh

J said...

wow.. that's a lot of mails. Now I know why the mail providers increased the storage space ;)

Cleaning the house, can be one of the best ego boosters :D

Eben said...


uwi na ako sa Sabado (Dec 13) kitakits!

yeah you're right about cleaning the house as the best ego booster...couldn't agree more. ;)

thanks for visiting my blog. I'm trying to access your blog but I was told that it's through Invitation Only.