Monday, 17 November 2008

My Night

Heavy are the footsteps I’ve made
As I embrace the chilling wind
And be deafened by the silence
There’s nowhere to go to
No place to take refuge
Now dark clouds have taken away
The once sparkling heavens where I used to gaze
Where are you, my star? Have I lost you forever?
Did I miss the fading of your glow?
Or is there a wishful heart, like me
Whose wish, you’ve granted completely...


gillboard said...


wanderingcommuter said...

wow ang surreal!!! galeeng

Eben said...

hindi nmn masyado. hehehe

salamuch. surreal pala tawag dun.

iriz said...

i miss poems.

i miss star gazing.

love it.

Jinjiruks said...

akala ko nga ako lang ang emo pati si eben nakikigaya sa uso. ahehe.