Monday, 15 September 2008


Some random thoughts over the weekend. Sorry walang coherence, kahit ano lang na maisipan kong isulat. Next time na lang ako babawi. ;-)

The “Cook”

For me, cooking is a kind of stress reliever. Making your own food is cheaper than buying a meal, ideal for those who are in a very tight budget like me. Actually I don’t mind getting busy in the kitchen. After a long day of work in the office, I can relax while preparing food that I always share with my housemates. It feels good to know that they enjoy what I’m serving them; at least I know that there are people who can appreciate my cooking skills. Haha! And so tonight I made Crispy Fried Milkfish in soy sauce, vinegar and onions (ala Bistek Tagalog).

I’m used to eating fish but tonight, after dinner and even until now I feel itchy especially in my arms and face. I don’t have any history of fish for allergens, so I’m wondering where and why I’m having this small and itchy red spots on my skin. Baka kulang lang ako sa ligo?

The “Panganay”

Kuya is very happy. Younger sister bested among her classmates in the English subject so I’m giving her a gift – her expense for the school’s educational tour is on me, my treat! I’m proud of her because I can see that she’s very talented, especially in the field of music. She’s a bassist in a band she formed together with our cousin. She’ll be graduating from high school next year. She said she wanted to go to music school. I said, “Whatever it is that you really want to pursue, I’ll support you all the way with all my might.”

I’m protective of my younger siblings, especially the girls. Actually I have 2 girl siblings, both are still studying. Whenever I got hold of an opportunity to talk to them I always have this invisible checklist of assignments, projects, their academic standings, and even their puppy loves. Haha! I don’t know, probably because even when I’m still in the Philippines, that has been my role inside the house, the second in command after my father. At a very young age, I got used to the responsibility since my father was working in the Middle East, and as the eldest son I need to guide my younger brothers and sisters. We were little kids back then, now all four of them stands taller than me. Yep, I’m the vertically challenged among the five. LOL.

I miss them so much. I miss David whose belly fats I used to slap. I’m also missing those quarrelling moments with him, our endless debate on household chores. My youngest brother, Joseph, who’s very talented in playing the guitar, learning the notes by ear, we used to have this jamming sessions every night. My sister Bianca, her bloopers cracks me up all the time. And of course, the youngest Ashley with our “Kuya-Bunso” tandem. I hope one day I can bring them all here together with my parents. But for now, I’m just counting the days till my homecoming later this year.

The “Movie Addict”

Until now I could not forget the comedic trio of Jimmy Santos, Rene Requiestas (may he rest in peace) and Ungga that even the theme song from their movie back in the 80’s is still fresh as first picked vegetables in the farm inside my head. “Small Medium Large...Small Medium Large...”. Crazy! (Sina Eloisa, Wheng at Jheng ang may kasalanan nito e. Go figure. LOL)

Hindi ko yata mabilang kung ilang beses ko na napanood ang Lord of the Rings. Inaamin ko naman na die hard fan ako ni Tolkien, kaya last Sunday nag-movie marathon ako ng LOTR, pero this time I watched the Extended Edition. Ito yung DVD release ng LOTR with the additional scenes na hindi naipalabas sa sinehan. It took me almost 10 hours just to finish the whole trilogy. Pagkatapos nun, parang gusto ko pa ulit-ulitin. Halos makabisado ko na nga yung ibang dialogues sa movie. Eto na inaatake na naman ako ng geekiness. Hehe.

Hindi ko alam pero parang naapektuhan yata ako nung mapanood ko yung Wall-E. Maybe its the plot, the music, or probably the animation. Basta nakakatuwa siya na nakakaiyak na nakakakilig na nakakakilabot. Wall-E is by far the best Pixar movie na napanood ko. By the way, ang cute cute ni Mo! At si EVE naman parang iPod, simple but elegant.

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