Tuesday, 5 August 2008


We are wronged most of the time. Some people hurts us and by default we want to hurt them back.

In anger, we either go berserk or shutdown.

It is anger that drives us to say things without holding back or hitting the break or pulling the zipper of our mouths.

It is anger that keeps us mum. Because we don't want to put more fire in the spur of the moment. We hold back, speechless but then we nurse the grudge.

Whatever it is that we do to deal with it, loudly or timidly, the truth is that anger brings it's best companions - hatred and suffering.

Well, not to mention heart attack and wrinkles.


wanderingcommuter said...

it really takes enough patience and knowing one self to control anger... hay kaya ayokong magalit eh baka may magmumog ng dugo! hahaha

Eben said...

"hay kaya ayokong magalit eh baka may magmumog ng dugo!"

natakot naman ako dito.. haha!

iriz said...

So you guys are talking about E.Q. and E.R. lol.

I guess when anger sets in, it's always better to manage your emotion rather than let your emotion manages you.

Anger is a human nature, you can't ignore when the feeling is intense but it's all about how you handle it.

Now you remind of the innocent flower vase i threw to my brother years ago. You know when we used to be kids? lol.

gillboard said...

ayokong nagagalit... di ako nakakatulog... di tahimik ang utak ko...

ardee sean said...

not really the type :p

minsan, di rin maiiwasang may makatrigger. what is good is to show how you really feel and if youre on the right, its best talaga to let them understand clearly their faults. there's nothing wrong naman dun, pangit lang kung gusto mo talaga nasa boxing ring kau..wahahah..which i dunt do :P