Friday, 18 July 2008

My space

As of today, I am officially a resident of Sembawang. At last I have brought all of my belongings from our previous flat in Tampines. This is going to be my first time to have a room solely occupied by myself. Actually, this is my first time ever to have a solo room. Back in the Philippines, I don’t have my own room. I share an old “papag” with my brother and sometimes I even sleep on the couch. Our house is not that big that’s why the sleeping quarters are just partitioned by cabinets and some curtains. So here I am, writing my 94th post in my new room - my own little space.

My new room isn’t that big, just spacious enough for one to two person to stay in. I have a cabinet where I can hang my clothes, a single bed, and a small cupboard for my toiletries. Other perks includes air conditioning unit, an electric fan, and a computer table with study desk lamp and chair. Honestly I am satisfied, but if there is something that I don’t like about this room, it’s the lighting. It definitely takes the cake. In this room hangs a chandelier lit by 5 incandescent light bulbs. Before I move in, I requested the landlord to replace it with a more energy-saving light like an EFL. At first he was quite hesitant, even proud to say that he bought it from Germany. And so I thought, I know it’s expensive and imported, but the incandescent lights are hot! I look like a poultry chick inside an incubator. I already talked to the agent and agreed that if after two weeks I really can’t stand the German chandelier, they will replace it with a fluorescent light.

Anyway, I started cleaning my room since Monday. I’ve been busy with office stuffs during the day so I am only able to do the cleaning during night time. I’ve swept and mopped the floor, removed the dust on the computer table, folded and hung (brand?) my clothes in the cabinet, dressed my bed and pillows with new sheet and cases, and cleaned the electric fan that was previously covered with tons of dirt.

After arranging all my things, I found my room a bit dull. I was thinking of a way on how to beautify it without putting too much fancy stuff. Maybe you (yes YOU!) can share some suggestions and ideas? It would really help me on how to pimp my room.

I took some photos of my room and yeah I know it looks like a disaster, my apologies people. LOL. The last one is a photo I took while testing my new Canon EF50mm f/1.8 II lens. Did you notice what’s missing in the fourth photo?


gillboard said...

a couple of beanbags would be nice... for visitors. hehehe

wanderingcommuter said...

congratulations... enjoy your new space and create many more memories there!!!

Eben said...

beanbags? hmm.. i think that would be great! hanap ako kung saan meron dito.

salamats! i will surely create many more memories, panibagong adventure na naman ito. hehehe.

iriz said...

Nice room.

The fourth photo? An angel can't fly high with only one wing. ;)