Sunday, 13 July 2008

Per Te


Usually, whenever my friends would share their stories of pain I always have a piece of advice to give in return. I would try my best to console, just to lessen if not take away every bit of the hurt. I am willing to lend an ear and a shoulder to cry on if that would give them comfort and a moment of peace.

But you know this time, I can’t think of any word that could ease the pain that you’re feeling right now. I’m trying my best to console you, but in the end I was mum and speechless, lost of any comforting rhetoric. Not that I don’t care, in fact, hell yeah I care, but because this time I really felt your pain, probably because I've had a similar experience. Each time you would open up, it feels like nothing’s right in your life. Sure you laugh, WE laugh, but sometimes I can still sense a hint of sadness. I don't know why but I can just feel it. I saw how you value things that you gave importance to, how you tried your best to hold on to something that’s left after everybody turned their backs on you. How you managed to give your best effort even though a single token of appreciation was never given back. Now, something beautiful was gone. It looks like even the number of wonderful moments spent together with the closest people you know isn’t an ideal measure of trust.

I want you to know, that even if I’m not saying anything, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care. The truth is that I care so much that I’m trying my best to look for the most comforting words in my head before I open my mouth. But in the end, silence prevailed. It was all I can share to you, right beside you. Remember the last time we talked? I told you that “Yun lang naman ang kaya kong gawin”. Because I thought, in times like these, all you need is someone who’s not going to judge you based on your actions, but someone who would rather dare to listen to what’s really on your heart and mind.

“When one door closes, a window will open.” This isn’t the end, Lolo ko.

By the way sorry po, I'm so pakielamero and papansin talaga. *glee*


... said...

Naiyak naman ako dito. Salamat Eben for being there and I really appreciate the gestures and friendship lah!

Eben said...

naiyak ka? di halata. hehehe.

wanderingcommuter said...

sarap mo naman maging kaibigan...saan ba pwedeng mag register at mag apply?
may fee ba?! naku, kung mero saka na lang... hehehe

Eben said...


haha! wala naman fee...
Ako ay isang friend for free.

ayan rhyming pa. hehe.