Saturday, 12 July 2008

On the move

I’ve packed my things and I’m all set. I can’t believe one year has already passed, and now I have to move out of the Big Brother house. Guess who’s the Big winner? Well, he’s no other than Freakazoid! Yes you read it right; he’ll be staying again for another year together with his new housemates. I really wish them good luck and I hope they break a neck este leg, and enjoy spending some wonderful time together ala Stephen King’s Room 1408. (Just now I can hear The Carpenter’s “We’ve only just begun” playing in the background. Haha!)

I have a cousin and she’s a civil engineer. She used to work for a Japanese company back in the Philippines and I think she stayed there for a year or two. Few months ago I heard the news from my mom that my cousin got a job offer in Norway. I was really happy for my cousin, because I know she’s been looking for something new to explore and to be able to gain more experience. Within a month she was able to get all the necessary documents to go abroad and now she’s living the Norwegian life. I seldom see her online primarily because of the time difference between Norway and Singapore (I think five or seven hours?). But the last time we got the chance to and I’ve shared my Jason Mraz’ “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” album.

Few days ago, a friend of mine from my previous work popped me a message. I was surprised when she told me that she’s migrated to Chicago with her husband (I know they’ll end up married ever since they’re still bf/gf because they look good together). It is her current job assignment that brought them to the US. I remember when we used to work in Ortigas, she’ll always tell me that “Good things comes to those who wait”. It was a time when most of our colleagues are filing their resignation letters in exchange of better job offers. We were the last batch to stay in the company until we’ve been retrenched last 2006. I know being retrenched is neither a best nor a good thing that could ever happen but after that day, we had our separate career paths. According to her, now at least she’s been reaping the rewards of being patient and it’s all worth it. Now she’s at the beginning of a new journey with her husband.

I will not be here in Singapore without the help of “Nanay”. She’s not my biological mother, but I call her “Nanay”. She is our job agent; the one who helped us find a job here and get all the requirements needed from our passports to medical clearance to work permits. She’s the prettiest “Nanay” as I always tell her. She could be very funny and jologs at times and she laughs very loud. We had so many good times together and I will never forget the time when she helped me find a temporary shelter during the feud with freakazoid. Lately however, it saddens me when I heard the news that she’s resigned. I know the reason behind it but I’m not going to disclose it here. These past few days I know she’s been having a hard time because of the pressure she’s experiencing at work. She deserves to take a break so now she’s back in Manila to relax and unwind. Hopefully she’ll come back again and start over.

I guess people really are supposed to move. We have our own individual journeys to take. We meet people on the way, spend some time with them, but at the end of the day we’re still individuals with different fates.

And as I always say, everybody leaves. Haha!


gillboard said...

read about the freakazoid entry...

parang pinagdarasal mo na multuhin siya dun sa dating kwarto niyo ah.. hehehe

Eben said...


hahaha. actually, worried ako para sa mga new housemates niya. sila yung maka-experience ng mga ka-weirduhan ni freakazoid. good luck na lang talaga. hehehe.

iriz said...

you just got one great reason to be thankful now that he's not around.

yeah, everybody leaves.