Wednesday, 11 June 2008

From Home with Love

Few weeks ago, I received a package from my mom. There’s nothing much really, just some packets of dried squid and fish tocino, a bottle of deodorant, and a very nice prayer that I can hang on my bedroom wall. It’s an OFW Everyday Prayer from papemelroti. Let me share it with you:

An Overseas Worker’s Everyday Prayer

Dearest Lord,

May my heart be full of praise as I pray to You each day.

I boldly come to Your throne, for my task is like Your very own.

I know You were a loving Son, but still left home for Your mission.

As I travel far from those I love, fill me with Your grace above.

Help me to be filled with gratitude, doing each task with a positive attitude.

Stay with me in my times of loneliness

With good, true friends, all my days bless.

Thank You for this service I render

For my family and homeland from January to December.

Bless my employer and my co-workers too

May we be good ambassadors in all that we do.

Thank You for all the things I learn, and not only for the wages I earn.

In a new culture and a new way of living,

May I only adapt in my life, the good things.

For challenges I face and need to fight

Give me strength to always do what’s right.

That I be a good example, may it be so

And to deserve my country’s call to be a modern-day hero.

While I’m far away, keep safe those at home

Be my presence there, wherever I may roam.

Help us keep in touch and preserve our ties,

Guide all our decisions with Your Word so wise.

Infuse in me the joy of spirit to share –

To be a light in the places where faith is rare.

Bless my country so far away,

With peace and progress ‘till I return one day

Until that day I set foot on my land –

Keep us secure in the palm of Your hand.

I thank God for choosing my Mom and Dad to be my parents. For having a not so perfect but a happy family. For my four siblings. For blessing me with a small circle of friends that I can always depend on every time homesickness sets in. And for all the blessings He's given me through the years. Amen.

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iriz said...

kakatouch naman toh...

di ko na nga alam which part.