Sunday, 25 May 2008

Weekend Bum

I'm about to hit rock bottom. In as much as I wanted to leave the house and enjoy the weekend outdoors, I just can't. So I have no choice but to stay at home and keep myself busy with some other things. So here it goes:

1. I watched two pinoy movies. The first one is Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw, starring Regine Velasquez and Robin Padilla. The other one is A Love Story with Maricel Soriano and Aga Muhlach as lead actors. Well, call me jologs but I really enjoyed watching this flicks. Haha. I can't even recall how many times have I watched KKI. Regine and Robin's chemistry in this movie is so perfect, no wonder the movie became such a big hit way back in 2000 when it was first released in theatres. I remember the year 2000 as the year when Regine's career started to boom until she became a household name. Meanwhile, i also enjoyed ALS. Maricel Soriano, as usual is a great actress. I can still remember a scene in the movie where Ian (played by Aga Muhlach), asked Joanna (Maricel Soriano): "Mahal mo ba ko?", then she replied "Oo, kahit na alam ko minsan hindi na tama.". ***Somehow I can relate...joke!

2. Saturday is laundry day. Whenever I do laundry, I always remember what my mom used to tell me, "Hiwalay ang puti sa de color". So I wash my clothes per batch, first the white ones (white undergarments and shirts), then the colored ones (colored undergarments and shirts), and lastly jeans, pants and shorts. Adding fabric conditioner gives that "fresher and cleaner" scent. It's also easy for the clothes to be pressed and folded when there's fabric conditioner added during the washing.

3. For the first time in recent months, I ironed my clothes! Hurray!

4. Eat whatever that's left in the fridge. After some intensive search, I had 2 slices of wholemeal bread, leftover tuna and milk for breakfast, and then kimchi for lunch.

5. Lastly, as I was browsing my friendster bulletin board, I found this interesting Q&A post. And since it feels like I'm in the mood in answering such, here's my take:

type what comes to your mind first
whenever you hear these 34 words.
Don't think and don't go back and
change. Doesn't matter how random just
type it! Repost it for all of your

1. - no more drinking!
hindi pwede!

2. Food
gusto ko kumain ng gatang puso ng saging...

3. Relationship

4. Your CRUSH
beautiful eyes

6. Life
not fair

7. Color

8. Dream Job

9. The President
Cute sya

10. Yummy
Sans Rival

11. Summer
Walang kamatayang Puerto Galera!

12. Movie
Speed Racer

13. Halloween
Mga mumu

14. Night

15. Religion

16. Myspace
Inaayos pa...

17. Fear
leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. (boses Yoda)

18. Marriage

19. emo

Islander at Havaianas

need to buy new pair of rubber shoes :(

22. Asia

23. Pizza
I miss Chicago Deep dish

24. Pbb -
Ang show ng mga mamboboso at nagpapaboso

25. Cell Phone

26. TV Show
GMA7 shows!

28. News
24 Oras

PUP sintang paaralan!

30. Highschool Life
Pinakanami-miss ko...

31. huuuuuuuuuwat?
Lapit na mag-end ang contract ko?

32. Stars -
Mahirap abutin

33. Fitness Center-
California Fitness

34. Friends
I miss them so much (iilan lang sila)

Hopefully, since its payday next week, my weekend routine will change. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Haha!


iriz said...

elow eben! miss you so much!

pwede na kitang sabihan ng jologs! haha. peace!

at diet pa rin ba ang ginagawa mo?

nice Q&A post though some might be better with elaboration, lol.

ako naman naging busy sa lakwatsa.hehe

great day! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Mahal mo ba ko?", then she replied "Oo, kahit na alam ko minsan hindi na tama.". ***Somehow I can relate...joke!

haha may ganito.... :)

Eben said...

Do I know you 'anonymous' ? LOL