Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Self portrait with T2

One thing that’s keeping me busy these days is photography. Though I don’t have an SLR for now, I’ve been capturing my subjects using my Sony DSC T2, a point and shoot Cybershot. Last Friday night, I was invited by a friend to join a Saturday sunset photo shoot session at Changi Boardwalk. I was quite hesitant at first because I knew that aside from my friend who’s using a Canon 400D, the other participants in the shoot are using DSLR cameras, but since his convincing power is very strong, I ended up saying yes to his invitation. Saturday morning I charged my battery and spare as a preparation for the said shoot. I even brought my mini tripod, though I wasn’t able to use it. I managed to capture more than a hundred pictures, though only a few of made it to my Flickr account.

It was a very interesting photo shoot. As we roam around the place, each one of us took snapshots of everything we considered as probably an interesting subject. We saw professional photographers who also had a photo shoot for a pre-nuptial, my friend even took a stolen shot of the soon to be newlyweds. There are some very interesting objects that could be found on the seashore, too. I saw an old boat filled with fishing net, a bouquet of dried flowers, and a large log covered with barnacles. I also noticed that the shore was full of seashells colored pebbles. The boardwalk is also a fishing hub; fishermen can be found setting up their fishing rods in hopes of having a good catch. But one thing that really caught my attention was the setting of the sun. It was just magnificent to look at, as the sun’s radiance reflected on the sea, and the sky was filled with sunset hues of blue, orange and yellow. That feat reminds me of the Manila Bay sunset, which in my opinion is one of the best sunsets in the world. I told myself, soon I’ll go back Manila with an SLR camera, witness the sunset, and I’ll be borrowing its beauty.

When I reached home, I uploaded the photos to my laptop and started editing using Photoshop. I just tweaked and played with the colours, experimented on how to produce an HDR image, and tried different kinds of filters. Then one by one I uploaded the pictures to my Flickr and to my surprise, some of the pictures received good commentaries from other Flickr users. I was even invited to share the photos to the group’s pool. To return the favour, I also peeked at other user’s photo stream and commented on the photos that I considered amazing and beautiful. Now I had a collection of ‘favourite’d photos and a listing of groups that I joined.

Obviously and to be honest, I’m not a pro, but I wanted to learn photography. For now, I’ll just keep on clicking using my T2 and I’ll try to capture the inconspicuous. Soon I’ll have enough resources to invest on a DSLR.


iriz said...

Looking forward for more of your photos. Keep it up! ;0)

wanderingcommuter said...

huwaw, sana marunong din ako sa fotography at sana meron din akong slr., hahaha

Eben said...


thanks reign, yaan po nagka SLR na ko ikaw gagawin kong model. haha

hahaha. bili ka na slr!

thanks for visiting my blog! avid reader ako ng mga posts mo.