Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Bliss, so mabilis

When asked of the question, “Are you happy?” sometimes you ran out of words to say.

Either you are happy that no word can measure it all, or you just don’t know what to say because you are uncertain of your current state. With false conviction, you might answer the question with a “Yes” point-blank. You may even answer the question by equating happiness with contentment. But in my opinion, it is hard to answer that question if we’re talking about life as a whole because of one factor that has the greatest bearing, and that is change. As your surroundings change, it also affects you in the process. It is inevitable. Therefore happiness cannot be certain; it is a state of mind.

There are chapters in your lives where you might have experienced something so good you hoped it would not end. A moment you felt so bright and shiny, when everything seems to be in the right place at the right time. It’s like a seized moment of extreme happiness. You wished for the clock to stop ticking. Now for me, that’s what I called “real happiness”.

But like a line that started with a dot or a story that began with a word, there comes a time when it has to reach the ending. What’s that song again? “Some good things never last”.

I believe that there is an ultimate bliss. I have felt it a few times. Although those moments lasted for just a few minutes or hours, it feels like I can die tomorrow because I knew I am happy at the moment and that chances are it will never happen again. Most of you might have also experienced this, and there are also some who haven’t. That’s why we’re all in pursuit, longing and at the lookout. It is the reason to wake up in the morning, hoping, expecting.

Anyway, I lost track of time and it’s now 2 o’ clock in the morning! I’m just a sleepy head (*yawn*) here trying to make sense (If there’s any U_U).

Good night! Good morning!



Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

whenever i feel the same way as you did when you posted this i listen to across the universe.

from there i found my bliss. and i christened it baked tahong.

Normand said...

hmmm make sense to me. napa-isip tuloy ako he he he.

Reign said... i happy? now you make me doubt on something. hehe.

I guess it's how you set the parameters, if something's missing then we're not totally happy.

ardee sean said...

ardeeboi: i believe this is normal when you're out of words answering the questions of happiness.

if we are to speak in our lifetime, there will always be something that will fill our bucket list, since CHANGE has always something to do with it. as we grow old days, we tend to think of things for our satisfaction and that's a deeper feeling of happiness. When you've got that peace of mind, soon you'll feel that you're content.