Saturday, 12 April 2008

Travel, Decisions and Deception

Few hours from now I’ll be leaving for Bintan, Indonesia to spend the weekend at the beach. I just finished packing up my things and I hope I didn’t forget anything important for this trip (like my passport and camera!). I already charged the batteries for my camera and even though it’s just a humble point and shoot digital camera, I’m still hoping for the best to capture the beauty of the sceneries I’m about to discover in Bintan. I need to wake up early this morning because our call time in the ferry terminal is 6:30AM sharp. But the thing is I don’t know how to get there! isn’t helping me either because the website is currently down. And so in as much as I wanted to save a little money, I might be forced to take the cab. Wish me safe and luck on my trip and I will surely post an update in my blog after this escapade. ^_^


I’m currently contemplating on some things regarding my career. In a matter of days, I needed to give my verdict if it’s a deal or no deal. I appreciate the fact that the organization recognizes what I’m doing for the past eight months, and it means a lot to me. However, I think it’s still too early to give my final say and also because I am thinking of other possible opportunities “outside”. Seriously, there are greener pastures on the other side of the fence. But who knows? I might ask for a re-negotiation. ^_^


It’s very disappointing to know that there are people whom you thought was sincere and honest turned out to be a liar. It’s like their making a fool out of you. When all this time you’ve been generous and kind, and all you’re asking for is a little bit of honesty (nyek parang kanta). I don’t want to hate, because it won’t do anything good aside from doubling the hurt. But sometimes during these kinds of situation where you feel you are being used, at the back of your mind somehow you wanted to fight back. The little voice on your left is telling you to take revenge. But it’s a good thing, that the little voice on my right influences me more than that on the left. So I still choose to be righteous.

I just want them to realize, that during their lonely times, they had me. They had ALL of me.

By the time they needed somebody to sit beside them, to listen, to appreciate, and to share a bit of their lives, I was there.

And now that they were able to bounce back from their downfall, when everything that was once black and white became colourful again, they’ll forget you and much worse, lie to you.

I believe I deserve a little respect.


Reign said...

Travel: Be safe as always and by the time you read this one, i'm sure you got more to share. Just few hours from now i'll be on my way for a summer escapade as well and how we wished you can be with us ;0(

Decisions: Whatever your verdict may be, hope you'll come up with a better one (and don't forget to tell me about it, chismosa? hehe)

Deception: I know the feeling. Choose the people to trust. Yeah, you deserve a damn respect. So that's what I am talking about - "know the story behind" , seems you found a grim truth.

ardee sean said...

wow, eben.. travel-travel lang.. enjoy..

Eben said...

ardee san!

check mo yung multiply site ko nandun ang mga peechures from my Bintan Trip. :D