Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My online life, amended

10. When the clock strikes 12 midnight, sign out Yahoo! Messenger.

9. If you feel like saying something, either good or bad, don’t put it on your status message. YOU BLOG IT!

8. Project deadline is here, so bring your work at home. Take time to read documentations, e-mails and other project related materials. Make sure that the public website is running smoothly to avoid receiving complaints. Check the logs, database and coordinate with all technical people involved. In short keep yourself busy, even during weekends.

7. Sleep early, 1 in the morning is a good start.

6. Do not expect to receive 100% email replies from all the emails you’ve sent. Some people are just damn lazy to write back, or just plain speechless or just busy, or just probably they have no intentions in writing you back because they’re fully occupied with things that are definitely more interesting than answering your most pathetic musings. Seriously, they will never write you back.

5. Instead of watching streaming videos the whole day, try looking for posted jobs in Mocca or Monster.com, remember the “END” is near. Look for Part-time jobs too to keep you busy.

4. Learn more (Latest Java updates, design patterns, SDLC, XML, SOAP, WSDL, AJAX, JavaScript, DOM, Struts, Oracle, etc) until you bleed to death. It’s very important to upgrade your skills. Again, remember that the “END” is near.

3. Flickr are for people who are into photography and Photoshop. Unfortunately since you don’t have a DSLR and you barely know how to use PS, don’t bother browsing or commenting even.

2. Delete useless social networking sites especially those that you barely open. (but keep friendster and multiply)

1. Accept the fact that Yahoo! Messenger has Ignore List and Invisible status feature. Chances are you’ll be treated like a spammer and you think it’s unfair. So if you think you can’t beat them, then don’t use YM.

***Eben is signing out***


Reign said...

Wow, nothing to appeal against these amendments for someone who seems engulfed by such a busy life. When the "end" comes then you'll know there's something better to "begin" with. For now, every minute counts. Good luck! ;0)

Eben said...

just keeping myself busy reign:D

you're right every moment counts, that's why I'm trying to focus on the positives.