Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My online life, amended

10. When the clock strikes 12 midnight, sign out Yahoo! Messenger.

9. If you feel like saying something, either good or bad, don’t put it on your status message. YOU BLOG IT!

8. Project deadline is here, so bring your work at home. Take time to read documentations, e-mails and other project related materials. Make sure that the public website is running smoothly to avoid receiving complaints. Check the logs, database and coordinate with all technical people involved. In short keep yourself busy, even during weekends.

7. Sleep early, 1 in the morning is a good start.

6. Do not expect to receive 100% email replies from all the emails you’ve sent. Some people are just damn lazy to write back, or just plain speechless or just busy, or just probably they have no intentions in writing you back because they’re fully occupied with things that are definitely more interesting than answering your most pathetic musings. Seriously, they will never write you back.

5. Instead of watching streaming videos the whole day, try looking for posted jobs in Mocca or Monster.com, remember the “END” is near. Look for Part-time jobs too to keep you busy.

4. Learn more (Latest Java updates, design patterns, SDLC, XML, SOAP, WSDL, AJAX, JavaScript, DOM, Struts, Oracle, etc) until you bleed to death. It’s very important to upgrade your skills. Again, remember that the “END” is near.

3. Flickr are for people who are into photography and Photoshop. Unfortunately since you don’t have a DSLR and you barely know how to use PS, don’t bother browsing or commenting even.

2. Delete useless social networking sites especially those that you barely open. (but keep friendster and multiply)

1. Accept the fact that Yahoo! Messenger has Ignore List and Invisible status feature. Chances are you’ll be treated like a spammer and you think it’s unfair. So if you think you can’t beat them, then don’t use YM.

***Eben is signing out***

Sunday, 20 April 2008


The dim sky of night was filled once again with twinkling dots. From my bedroom window I can see nearby buildings were lit, some vehicles hitting the road leaving trails of light, and the lampposts at the intersection glowing. It is an ordinary night, an ordinary moment for somebody who’s ordinary.

Four months to go, I lost track of time. As the days unfold, it’s like the wait for the end is at hand. My colleagues are getting excited that this episode of their lives is finally wrapping up. They’re planning their next move like moving in a new house or finding a new job. If you'll ask me, I was left thinking, “So what now? After this, what now?”. To be honest I'm still searching for the answer.

I did some back reading of my previous posts, especially the first one that I wrote for this blog, and as I scan through the paragraphs, that mostly contains my vision, high hopes and positive outlook, I found myself thinking, “I’m afraid I’ve failed”.

If we're going to talk about career, believe me I still love what I’m doing, but there are times when it feels like I’m about to raise the white flag. This industry, this jungle that I’m in has been rapidly changing that each animal needs to cope as fast as they could in order to survive. The competition is getting tougher and tougher, and during these troubled times experience is definitely your best weapon. If I would assess my survival skills, I’m merely a worm. I’m still trying to find my little place in this battlefield.

On some personal stuff, I’m afraid I’ve failed, because the same old cycle that I tried to escape from did a major comeback, and it had me swirling once again. I’m not going to elaborate any further because I’m tired of telling the same old story. I guess all I need to do now is try not to think about it anymore, try to break the cycle, and try to fix what’s broken during the spin.

A window is about to close, a scene is fading away. I just hope that another window will open to show me that night has passed and a new day is about to begin, that there is still something to hope for beyond all these that I’m experiencing, that there’s still a reason why I’m here coping and trying to make a living.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sampung pinaka-kakaiba kay Eben

10. Adik ako sa Vicks vaporub. Kahit wala naman ako sipon, hilig ko suminghot ng Vicks. Bago matulog naman, naglalagay ako ng Vicks sa paligid ng mata at sa ilong para makatulog ako.

9. Kapag nagluluto, kadalasan hindi ko tinitikman kung tama na ang timpla ng niluluto ko, pero masarap pa rin ang kinakalabasan (ayon sa mga tumikim :p)

8. Takot ako sa mga payaso. Para sa akin sila na siguro yung pinaka-weirdong entertainers. Para kasing there’s something beneath those costumes and wide smiles, parang gagawa ng masama at front lang nila ang pagiging kwela.

7. Malikot ako matulog. Humanda ka kapag nakatabi mo ako sa pagtulog dahil puro sipa at tadyak ang aabutin mo sa akin.

6. Mga weird things sa pagkain: 1) I enjoy eating banana na nilalagyan ng peanut butter. 2) Hindi ako kumakain ng paa ng manok, carrots, kalabasa at atsara pero kumakain ako ng isaw, mga gulay na “malaway” tulad ng okra at saluyot, at mahilig din ako sa kimchi. 3) Nung bata pa ako, tirador ako ng Star Margarine, hinahalo ko sa kanin, madalas kahit kanin at Star Margarine lang naitatawid ko na ang gutom ko.

5. Kaya kong pagalawin ang tenga ko ng hindi ginagamit ang kamay.

4. Listening to classical music or basta kahit anong music na may classical instruments, especially strings, helps me go to sleep and sa work naman mas nakakapag-code ako. Pampatulog ko din si Enya.

3. Nangangati ako pag nakakakita ng ipis. Para sa akin ipis na siguro ang pinakamaruming hayop sa balat ng lupa. Pero naaawa naman akong patayin sila (O dahil nandidiri lang talaga ako lol ).

2. Nagpa-pulpitate ako kapag umiinom ng kape. Kaya naman laging gatas, juice or Milo ang iniinom ko.

1. Hindi ako mahilig magtapon ng mga lumang gamit. Kahit yung mga test papers, notebooks at project compilations noong nag-aaral pa ako, lahat yun nakatabi pa rin. Pati mga lumang resibo ng mga pinamili or yung galing sa ATM, iniipon ko pa rin. Kahit na wala na akong paggagamitan sa kanila, hindi ko pa rin magawang itapon.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Travel, Decisions and Deception

Few hours from now I’ll be leaving for Bintan, Indonesia to spend the weekend at the beach. I just finished packing up my things and I hope I didn’t forget anything important for this trip (like my passport and camera!). I already charged the batteries for my camera and even though it’s just a humble point and shoot digital camera, I’m still hoping for the best to capture the beauty of the sceneries I’m about to discover in Bintan. I need to wake up early this morning because our call time in the ferry terminal is 6:30AM sharp. But the thing is I don’t know how to get there! Streetdirectory.com isn’t helping me either because the website is currently down. And so in as much as I wanted to save a little money, I might be forced to take the cab. Wish me safe and luck on my trip and I will surely post an update in my blog after this escapade. ^_^


I’m currently contemplating on some things regarding my career. In a matter of days, I needed to give my verdict if it’s a deal or no deal. I appreciate the fact that the organization recognizes what I’m doing for the past eight months, and it means a lot to me. However, I think it’s still too early to give my final say and also because I am thinking of other possible opportunities “outside”. Seriously, there are greener pastures on the other side of the fence. But who knows? I might ask for a re-negotiation. ^_^


It’s very disappointing to know that there are people whom you thought was sincere and honest turned out to be a liar. It’s like their making a fool out of you. When all this time you’ve been generous and kind, and all you’re asking for is a little bit of honesty (nyek parang kanta). I don’t want to hate, because it won’t do anything good aside from doubling the hurt. But sometimes during these kinds of situation where you feel you are being used, at the back of your mind somehow you wanted to fight back. The little voice on your left is telling you to take revenge. But it’s a good thing, that the little voice on my right influences me more than that on the left. So I still choose to be righteous.

I just want them to realize, that during their lonely times, they had me. They had ALL of me.

By the time they needed somebody to sit beside them, to listen, to appreciate, and to share a bit of their lives, I was there.

And now that they were able to bounce back from their downfall, when everything that was once black and white became colourful again, they’ll forget you and much worse, lie to you.

I believe I deserve a little respect.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Luto at Lotto

Ika-9 ng gabi, tinawagan ni Eben ang family niya sa Pilipinas.

(Phone ringing) Sinagot ni David (kapatid ni Eben) ang cellphone.

David: Hello?

Eben: Hello, Joseph (youngest bro ni Eben)?

David: Hinde, si David ‘to.

Eben: Oy David, kamusta? San si Mama?

David: Teka tatawagin ko kumakain ng Ube cake, regalo ni Papa sa kanya.

Tinawag ni David si Mama, ilang sandali pa...

Mama: Hello? Anak..

Eben: Ma! Happy Birthday! Kamusta diyan? Naghanda kayo?

Mama: Eto ayos lang naman kami dito. Di naman ako naghanda ng marami, nagluto lang ako palabok dalawang kilo saka bread rolls. Binigyan ko lang mga Tito at Tita mo saka nagdala rin ako sa opisina. Kamusta ka diyan? Ano nga pala nangyari nung Linggo diba nagluto ka dun sa kasal ng kasamahan mo sa trabaho?

Eben: Ayun, nagustuhan nila yung Adobo ko, hehe. May isang bisita doon sabi niya masarap daw, pati nga yung wife ng officemate ko na kinasal nagustuhan din niya yung adobo. Niluto ko yun Sabado ng gabi, hindi ko na nga tinikman kung tama ang timpla ng suka at toyo. Nilagyan ko ng patatas at itlog para mas masarap. Buti at nagustuhan nila. Nakakatuwa nga, kasi may catering service pala sila, tapos dagdag na lang na ulam yung niluto ko na adobo. Nilagay pa talaga nila yung niluto ko doon sa isang tray ka hilera nung ibang food sa catering. Ayun, nagustuhan naman nila, pati yung bisitang Singaporean binalik-balikan yung adobo ko. Nung gabi naman, tumulong ako sa pag-iihaw ng barbeque, kaya pag-uwi ko nun ng bahay pagod na pagod ako. Instant cook ang role ko sa wedding, hehehe. Mana sa inyo eh (kelangan may pambobola)

Walang sumasagot sa kabilang linya...Tapos biglang may nagsalita...


Natameme si Eben, nanonood pala sila ng Lotto sa bahay.