Monday, 31 March 2008


The truth hurts, so we lie.

Lie. An escape from trouble. The fastest way to the exit door. Some finds it easy to weave a story than to say what's in reality.

White lies, black lies, or name-all-the-colors-in-the-color-wheel lies. Regardless of its color, intention, or reason, the bottom-line is that their all a bunch of lie.

Isn't it more painful not knowing the truth? Because in the end, the truth will find its way to bite back. In times we least expect it. When the damage becomes severe that we wouldn't be able to patch it with another lie.


Reign said...

"The truth hurts, so we lie" ,i agree.
Lie is a complicated topic, just like people around us, it has different faces.
I lied, you lied, they lied. Who doesn't? Anyone who says he never lied is liar.
It could either keep us from pain or be the culprit of pain. It's not just about not telling the truth, you gotta know the "story behind".Some are acceptable some are not.

Right, once, i lied because the truth hurts, not realizing that lie hurts more.

Nice post! ;0)

lady said...

it doubles the hurt, when you get to know the real score.