Thursday, 20 March 2008

Keep Moving!

You breakdown and cry, but you can’t stay in despair for the rest of your life. You stumble, but you need to stand up regardless how painful the wounds it may have caused you.

Stop for a while, cry, let it pour, and feel the pain. But remember to take a deep breath after doing so. The world won’t stop to sympathize with you. People are so damn busy with their own biddings they will never look back at you. Even those who might have hurt you will keep on laughing out loud enjoying what they have, while you’re all alone doing your best to go back on your feet. It’s all up to you and you alone.

Just keep moving. If it feels so heavy in every step, then it means you have to leave some of your baggage behind. Free yourself from the burden of your past, and live in the present. Your scars will become a symbol of courage. To remind you that in every downfall, you have managed to stand up with dignity and that you have learned from the experience. Remain intact...put yourself together.

Change starts when you decide. You know deep inside you, you’ll going to win this race if you will just keep on moving.


Reign said...

Such a poignant idea, it really strikes a note.Being optimistic when pessimism sets in is a way of emotionally intellectual people. Sure you are.

Great post.
Love to read it, over and over. ;0)


Fortunately I read this post today.. The day I feel down again.

Im looking for something to inspire me, and this has made my day.

Eben said...


thanks so much friend, you never fail to read all my posts. LOL

@kris jasper
thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you liked it. :)