Saturday, 15 March 2008

Jigsaw Puzzle

I am a jigsaw puzzle collector. I remember back in the Philippines, it was always on my wish list in every Christmas exchange gifts, to be able to receive one and for two consecutive years I got 3 sets of 1000-piece puzzles.

The first one that I got is an image of a lighthouse stretching its light into the sea. Not so far away from the cliff where the lighthouse stood still is a cruise ship passing by. The sky’s colour is a combination of yellow, red and orange as the sun bids goodbye, and splash of waves hit the shore.

The second set that I got as a Christmas present deals with the ocean and its inhabitants. Shades of blue are everywhere. There are dolphins and sperm whales swimming freely under the big blue. Flocks of sea gulls flying above the ocean; must be waiting for a good catch as school of fishes can be found swimming alongside the giant sea mammal.

The last one is a picture of a Majestic Angelfish (Pomacanthus navarchus). The fish is so big it occupied at least 75 percent of the whole puzzle. You can even see the details of the fish’s physical features; yellow sides and back, transitioning to blue towards the base of the caudal fin and face, with a bright blue streak across the chin. There are lots of corals in the background, too.

It took me days (at least 3, at most 5) to complete these puzzles. The easiest to accomplish was the first one (lighthouse), and the Majestic Angelfish, I must say, really gave me a hard time. But in the end it’s all worth it, I was fulfilled.

Thousands of pieces with one aim; and that’s to find the right piece that will perfectly fit with the other pieces to see the greater picture, to be able to see the completeness of things. Sometimes, you might get frustrated, but patience is the key. Never stop looking for that missing piece. Life itself is like a jigsaw puzzle...

My next aim, to accomplish a 2000-piece tapestry puzzle! Perhaps a picture of the Last Supper, now that sounds pretty cool.


Reign said...

Collecting is really a form of fulfillment much more on getting it done.

Hope to see your next 2000-piece tapestry puzzle! ;0)

marikenya said...

it's so wonderful how you described the joys you find in jigsaw puzzles. it's like an aproach to life. am happy to meet a fellow marikeƱo. gd bless eben.