Monday, 18 February 2008

Blog Enhancements and Homecoming

I'm currently doing some 'enhancements' for my blog (i.e. changing the color theme, adding of adsense, inclusion of the new mybloglog widget, imeem, designing a new banner, etc.)

Actually, I just modified a blogger template called Minima. I just did something on the HTML so that I can come up with a three column layout. I'm still working on how to make each columns (or in HTML jargon it's called a div element) to be fixed so that it won't change position when the browser window resizes.

I would like to thank Ardee-san for helping me to do some tweaking on my blog posts. Galing!

In a few days, I'll be leaving Singapore for a while. I'll be going back to the Philippines to spend a one week vacation with my family and some close friends. It's a jam packed schedule actually. I'm going to attend my youngest sister's 'Papaya dance' performance in her school, two of my friends will be celebrating their birthdays, and on the last Sunday of February it's fiesta in our baranggay.

And so in preparation for this homecoming, I've been busy this past few weeks in getting my Exit Pass or OEC, and buying 'pasalubong' that my siblings, parents, and some of my uncles and aunts asked me to buy. I also bought loads of chocolates, and some toiletries like soap, shampoo, facial wash, body wash, deo spray and what not. So parang OFW na OFW na talaga ang labas ko nito. One time I was jokingly telling my Mom over the phone that I'm just going back home to deliver the products that they ordered. Anyway, material things are nothing compared to the happiness of reuniting with your family. After six months Eben is going home, oh yeah I'm sooo going home!

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