Monday, 7 January 2008


I Have Always Dreamed of This Day
The Whole World At My Feet
And Fame Within My Reach
Friends I Have A Plenty
But When The Lights Down Low
And Nowhere To Go
There's No One There But Me

Time Flies And All Things
Must Come To An End
Like The Sandcastles
Slowly Being Swept Away
By The Incoming Tide
All That Is Left Are Traces of What
I Used To Be

Today I Have To Let Go
And All Will Be Forgotten
But After Everything's
Been Said And Done
And Knowing That I Once Had
You In My Life
And Memories Of What I Used To Be
Are Traces That Will Remind You Of Me

1 comment:

ardee sean said...

grabe nakakahiya naman yung sandcastle namin dito.. check mo yung amin.. heheh