Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Not making any sense

“You’re so selfish”.

It’s been years since you first heard these lines, but it keeps on touting your mind. How come that after you’ve sacrificed almost everything that you have in the name of love, you’re still a selfish person. How come, that after giving more than you can give, still it’s not enough? You think it’s unfair and you hate it.

They say that when you need to choose between being righteous and kind, choose the latter. Kindness they say is the quality of being warm-hearted, considerate, humane and sympathetic. But what if one day, you got tired of always choosing the latter? You can no longer be warm-hearted. You’ve been fed up of considering others, for they don’t even consider your own feelings. Humane? You don’t think so. Sympathy? Great! All you have now is a pinch of self-pity. How you wish these qualities have boundaries.

“You’re so selfish”.

Such words can be ignored, yes. But hearing it uttered by someone very dear to you, it’s like you’ve been stabbed. Now you carry a deeply pierced heart. Healed maybe, but scarred.

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