Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The year that was

I wasn’t able to write something about a year-ender, so might as well make a “pahabol” this time. Better late than never, right?

Back then, I was just an ordinary employee of a Japanese company, having this feeling of dissatisfaction with the tasks being handed over to me, but still enjoying the stay nonetheless thanks to the extra-curricular activities of studying the Japanese language which I’ve been longing for since high school. But then I came to a point when I realized that I’m not growing(technically) and that I wasn’t able to hone my skills probably because I wasn’t given the chance - that “shining moment” as they call it. And so I opened my doors in search for a better opportunity. And I don’t need to wait or hunt for it. One day it just came.

A new opportunity dawned upon me. Everything was new - new people to work with, a new project to deal with, a new working environment, and new friends to hang out with. During that time, I didn’t have to worry about being short of finances. I was able to support my family particularly my siblings (in sending them to school), and I was able to save some money just in case there’s a need for it in the future. I can say that it was way better than my previous job.

During my off, I spent my time with my college friends (watching movies or go strolling in the mall or playing arcade games), I had time to meet my high school friends, and I had time to take my family out for dinner. I was able to travel. To cross the sea, to get out of the big city and to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

But it’s not picture perfect in totality. Few months later I was about to lose my job, for something unexpected happened that left the company with no other choice but to dissolve our department. Fortunately though, few weeks before this company announcement came to my knowledge, I received a call from an agent abroad. She’s offering a work overseas.

It was a Sunday afternoon in July when I took the exam and the interview in their branch office in Makati. I was so nervous because for me this is something “big”, something that’s been part of my plan, an opportunity that I need to grab now. So after I finished the exam and the interview, I was asked to stay for a while and wait for the result. Shortly the HR personnel approached me with a smile on her face. She said that I passed the exam and the interview and that I’m going to Singapore. She started to mention about the job description, the air fare, my tentative starting date of work, etc. It took some time to sync in, that’s why when the she asked me of “Any question?” I promptly replied with “Am I dreaming?” Working abroad has always been on my plans, but I never thought that it was going to be this fast.

The next thing I knew it is that I am now officially an OFW. Ang bigat.

After a few weeks, I found myself standing on a different soil. Here I met new people and discovered new places and food. Everything was new again- new people to work with, a new project to deal with, a new working environment, and new pinoy friends to hang out with. The culture is new, too! I met new people and was inspired by their life experiences. My ability to cope up was tested both at work and at home. I gained new friends. There were conflicts, but in the end I think we all learned to give and take. I felt happy and sometimes sad. I had fever during the rainy season. I experienced “homesickness” (I miss my family so much!). I missed GMA Telebabad. I craved to have a taste of pinoy food back home. I gave, and I was hurt. I forgive and I forget. I had the courage to say what’s on my mind. I learned to have no resentments on the outcome of things that I allowed to happen. Experience truly is the best teacher.

The year that was is like a roller coaster ride for me. It started slow, gathered some momentum, reached the peak, fell so fast, looped, and then ended abruptly. Looking back on the year that was, I realized how blessed I am. I learned the importance of saving, in having time for your friends and family, in the importance of expressing your mind, in striking while the iron is hot, in enjoying life. Sure, I had my ups and my downs but what’s important is that I survived. I am victorious, thank God.

As I welcome 2008, the roller coaster ride continues. We will all continue to move forward. More of this life’s “thrills” is yet to be discovered.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Thank You Very Much

I will never get tired of saying this.

Thank you for uplifting my spirit when I'm down.
I will always remember to surround myself with positive people like you.
Thank you for the smiles and the laughs.
Now obstacles are easy to deal with.
Thank you for listening.
Eventhough sometimes I don't make any sense.
Thank you, and you know who you are.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Not making any sense

“You’re so selfish”.

It’s been years since you first heard these lines, but it keeps on touting your mind. How come that after you’ve sacrificed almost everything that you have in the name of love, you’re still a selfish person. How come, that after giving more than you can give, still it’s not enough? You think it’s unfair and you hate it.

They say that when you need to choose between being righteous and kind, choose the latter. Kindness they say is the quality of being warm-hearted, considerate, humane and sympathetic. But what if one day, you got tired of always choosing the latter? You can no longer be warm-hearted. You’ve been fed up of considering others, for they don’t even consider your own feelings. Humane? You don’t think so. Sympathy? Great! All you have now is a pinch of self-pity. How you wish these qualities have boundaries.

“You’re so selfish”.

Such words can be ignored, yes. But hearing it uttered by someone very dear to you, it’s like you’ve been stabbed. Now you carry a deeply pierced heart. Healed maybe, but scarred.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Certified PUPian

I saw this one on my friendster's bulletin board. Naisipan ko i-repost at dagdagan. Reminds me of my college days at nae-LSS na naman ako sa Imno ng PUP.

"Sintang paaralan, tanglaw ka ng bayan...."

1. tumatambay sa chapel at lagoon na parang luneta sa dami ng lovers na naglalambingan.

2. kumakain ng fishball, kalamares, kikiam, kwek-kwek..pag vacant o uwian na..

3. dumadayo sa gilid ng simbahan pra kumain ng eat-all-you-can na lugaw (dati P5..ngayon ewan ko..)

4. nagpapaprint ng mga thesis, assignments sa mga computer shop na tig pipiso per page

5. tumatambay sa may antique house at sumasabit sabit sa sanga ng puno na parang unggoy

7. bumibili ng shake na cheese flavor sa labas ng PUP.

8. kumakain ng murang murang fried siomai na may kasamang kanin sa labas din ng PUP

9. tinutubuan ng ugat sa paa sa haba ng pila pag enrollment

10. tumatambay sa napakalawak na library na konti ang libro

11. nagvavandal sa mga desk ng upuan

12. diretso sa computer shops pra mag counter strike, magdota, makipagchat, magresearch after ng klase

13. ng ennroll ng swimming class pero ndi nkakapag swim sa pool..

14. sumasakay ng PNR a.k.a Orange Line

15. kumakain ng sandwhich (a.k.a Flying Saucer) na tig P5 na may palamang giniling, cheese, ham at kung anu anu pa..

16. Umiinom ng gin na nakalagay sa mineral water.

17. Tuwang tuwa pag may Rally.

18. Hindi humihinga pag nag c-cr.

19. May mga matatanda kang prof n nagbibigay ng 3.

20. Iniisip mo kung parking ang loob ng main bldg. Para san ba kc yung dome sa gitna? daanan ng sasakyan?

21. Ang Teresa St. ay one stop shop.. lahat andun na!

22. baha sa harap ng campus.. dahil sa bagyo.. pagcancelled ang klase, dmi pa ring tao sa gate.

23. kung nakatawid ka sa ginawang tulay na kahoy ng mga taga Teresa pag baha at pagdating sa dulo ay magbabayad ka.

24. kung natry mong wag magbayad once na nakatawid ka! hehe!

25. kung nakapagpapicture sa mga artista dahil laging may shooting sa library.

26. nagpaluto at kumain ng lucky me pancit canton or yakisoba na tig 8 pesos (dati.. di ko na sure ngayon) sa may teresa.

27. kilala mo ang mga “patok” na jeep tulad ng Rosbee, Ermitanyo, Challenger, etc..

28. tambay ka ng SM Centerpoint

29. nagfi-fill up ka ng napakalaking enrollment form na hinahati sa apat. (ngayon yata computerized na sila)

30. gumagamit ka ng blue book during exams.

31. naranasang masungitan ng mga taga Accounting Dept. Lalo na yung mga matatandang empleyado.

32. sa labas ng PUP, bumibili ka rin ng super sarap na turon at banana Q na balut na balot ng asukal.


Ikaw? PUPian ka ba? Isa ka rin bang Isko at Iska?

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Bakit kaya?

Bakit kaya kung kailan ako nakapagpa-book ng flight saka naman nag-promo ang mga airlines?

Bakit kaya laging may pahabol na last minute revisions si bossing lalu na't patapos ka na sa ginagawa mo at malapit na mag-uwian.

Bakit kaya may mga tao na parang naiinggit sa schedule mo sa trabaho? Dahil lagi silang busy at nagtatrabaho ng overtime, samantalang ikaw hindi man lang nape-pressure. Sasabihan ka pa ng “Pare sarap ng buhay mo ah” nang may pagka-sarkastiko.

Bakit kaya nasasabi natin na “okay lang ako” kahit na ang totoo naman ay may dinaramdam tayo?

Bakit kaya “okay lang” ang madalas natin sinasagot kapag tinatanong tayo ng “kamusta?”. Kaya bang ibuod ng “okay lang” ang lahat ng nararamdaman natin?

Bakit kaya kahit kasama na natin yung mga taong nakakapagpasaya sa atin, pakiramdam pa rin natin ay nag-iisa tayo?

Bakit kaya madalas hindi natin napapansin yung mga taong totoong nagmamahal sa atin? Nakatingin tayo sa malayo, namamangha sa ating tinatanaw, pero hindi natin nakikita ang kariktan na abot kamay lang naman natin.

Bakit kaya kailangan muna nating maranasan ang mawalan, bago tayo matutong magpahalaga? Yung tipong matatauhan lang tayo na mahalaga pala sa atin ang isang tao, kapag hindi na natin sila kasama. May panghihinayang tuloy sa bandang huli dahil may mga bagay tayo na hindi nasabi sa kanila, na dapat sana ay sa una palang ay naibulalas na natin.

Bakit kaya?

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Nakita ko kanina sa youtube, may animated film na pala ang kwento ni Urduja*. Ang nakakatuwa pa, pinoy ang gumawa! Matagal tagal na rin simula ng maglabas ang local movie industry ng isang full length animated film. Napanood ko ang teaser ng pelikula, at masasabi ko na magugustuhan at tatangkilikin ito ng mga pinoy. Kahit na sabihin na natin na 2D lang siya, ito ay isang bagay na maipagmamalaki na sariling atin, simula sa istorya, mga aktor at aktres na nagboses, at ang mga bumubuo sa produksyon lalung-lalo na ang mga animators. Hindi man ka-lebel ng mga Hollywood studios like Disney/Pixar o ng Dreamworks, ipinapakita ng pelikulang ang husay ng mga pinoy sa larangan ng sining at kung gaano kayaman ang ating kultura at kasaysayan.

Tampok ang boses nina:

EDDIE GARCIA bilang "Lakanpati"
JOHNNY DELGADO bilang "Wang"
ALLAN K bilang "Tarsir"
MICHAEL V bilang "Kukut"
CESAR MONTANO bilang "Lim Hang"
MS. REGINE VELASQUEZ bilang "Princess Urduja"

kasama sina:

Musika ni: Mon Faustino


Mula sa APT Entertainment at Seventoon at Imaginary Friends production

Abangan ang Urduja ngayong 2008!

*Urduja (ca. 1350 C.E - 1400 C.E.), is a legendary warrior-princess who is recognized as a heroine in Pangasinan.

Monday, 7 January 2008


I Have Always Dreamed of This Day
The Whole World At My Feet
And Fame Within My Reach
Friends I Have A Plenty
But When The Lights Down Low
And Nowhere To Go
There's No One There But Me

Time Flies And All Things
Must Come To An End
Like The Sandcastles
Slowly Being Swept Away
By The Incoming Tide
All That Is Left Are Traces of What
I Used To Be

Today I Have To Let Go
And All Will Be Forgotten
But After Everything's
Been Said And Done
And Knowing That I Once Had
You In My Life
And Memories Of What I Used To Be
Are Traces That Will Remind You Of Me