Monday, 17 December 2007

What's the latest, Eben?

What I'm up to lately.

We went to Lau Pa Sat to have a taste of Jolly V Fried Chicken – an imitation of the popular filipino fast food chain Jollibee. I will post a separate article about this.


A Christmas Lunch was given for all filipino employees @ Awon Korean Restaurant. The food is delicious! I really love korean food, especially kimchi!


Last Friday we had Christmas Party for the whole company. Lots of food, booze and gift exchanges. There's karaoke, too! (I sung James Ingram's Just Once for the nth time, haha). It's
a memorable night for me...


Movie marathon Saturday. All Darren Aronofsky films (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and The Fountain). Among the three, Requiem is definitely my number one Aronofsky film. It's a movie about addiction in many forms (it could be drugs, TV, food or sex). The main characters have dreams but in the end they succumbed in their addiction. Ellen Burtsyn's performance is just superb. The script, the acting, cinematography, editing, everything was like presented to the audience in a silver platter. The musical score by Clint Mansel (who also scored The Fountain) is really haunting. The main theme, Lux Aeterna by the Kronos Quartet will always be my favorite musical score. More about Requiem for a Dream here.


I lost my ATM card and online banking device last Saturday. I remember I went to Lucky Plaza and had my lunch at Kabayan resto, I placed my wallet on top of the table and got busy finishing my sinigang. Then I left the place, and didn't realized that I forgot something. Good thing though, that my credit card wasn't inside my wallet! Or else I'll have another fever knowing that someone might be using it. I reported the incident to my bank's customer hot line and got a replacement card for 5 SGD this morning. My new online banking device will be mailed to me on Wednesday, that's another 20 SGD charge. *sigh*


My friends and I are going to Kuala Lumpur on the 19th and will stay there until the 23rd. Just a time to relax after months of hard work. Our itinerary includes visiting the Batu Caves, Petronas, and going to Genting. I'm so excited now but...I haven't packed!!!

That's all for now. Ciao till next time!

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Reign said...

wohow! such a busy life!!!
enjoy every moment.
about that lost one, good thing you had it replaced. ;0)