Monday, 12 November 2007

Thanatos - If I can't be yours

listen to the song here. (courtesy of rgutierezd of youtube)

Now its time, I fear to tell
I've been holding it back so long
But something strange deep inside of me is happening
I feel unlike I've ever felt
And its making me scared
That I may not be what I think I am

What of us? What do I say?
Are we both from a different world?
'Cos every breath that I take, I breathe it for you
I couldn't face my life without you
And I'm so afraid there's nothing to comfort us
What am I, if I can't be yours?

I don't sleep, don't feel a thing
And my senses have all but gone
Can't even cry from the pain
can't shed a tear now
I realise we're not the same and it's making me sad
'Cos we can't fulfill our dream in this life

So I must let us break free
I can never be what you need
If there was a way through the hurt then I would find it
I'd take the blows, yes I would fight it
But this is the one impossible dream to live
What am I, if I can't be yours?


The Eminence Orchestra performed this song in their 2005 concert, A Night In Fantasia. You can watch the video on youtube courtesy of dimix86. I think the orchestra version is way better. Viola Power!

This song goes to all of my fellow Evangelion fans. Enjoy!


Reign said...

Nice one, kaso nakakaiyak, huhu.
di ako Evangelion fan but i enjoyed it! ;0)

Ebenezer said...

thanks reign!

orchestra version yung pinakinggan mo? ganda no?