Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Long String of Patience Broke

Note: What you are about to read is just the tip of the ice berg.

Carrying my laptop and a travel bag, I was rushing to the bus stop in the middle of the night. Sweat falling down my face, catching my breath as my heart pumps ceaselessly, there's anger burning inside me.

I had a quarell with the alleged antagonist of the house. I now baptize him with a new name, Freakazoid.

He was accusing me of “spying” on his personal life, particularly his alleged residence in Quezon City, Philippines.

(Dinner time. In the kitchen, Eben took his second helping of rice from the rice cooker, Freakazoid was busy making his fruit shake)

Freakazoid: Pare anong meron sa Quezon City?

Eben: Huh?

Freakazoid: Narinig kita sabi mo Quezon City...

(Eben went to the living room, ignoring the nonsense blabbering)

I ignored him, because I honestly don't know what he's trying to insinuate. And what's the big deal about Quezon City in the first place?

After dinner, while I was sitting on the couch, my brother and I were exchanging chat messages, we were talking about DotA and I was jotting down some notes on how to effectively use Rhasta as my new found Hero. When suddenly, Freakazoid came out of the kitchen, spilling these lines from a distance:

Freakazoid: Pare yung sinasabi mong Quezon City, may bahay kami dun sa kamag-anak ko...

(He went back to the kitchen, now talking with our guest housemate who's washing the dishes)

Then I heard him saying, “...nag-iispiya sa personal life ko....”.

He's now getting in to my nerves, I changed my Yahoo! Messenger status to “napupuno na ko”. This draw attention to some of my online friends especially officemates. They know what I'm trying to say, and so I told them that something's not right in the house as of the moment.

Still, I let it pass, because I don't want to make “patol” on some nonsense jibberish. I took a deep breath, and I told to myself, “Isa na lang”.

He went out of the house, carrying his bag and two tennis rackets. It's now past 9 in the evening. This time I know something's troubling Freakazoid again. And any moment, the talks that we had before, will be repeated once again, but this time, I am the accused.

I received an sms from him, he was waiting for me on the building grounds and he wanted to talk to me. This time I told my other housemates that no matter what happens to me, they are my witnesses. And so getting my keys, I unlock the main door and took the stairs going down to the ground floor. There he was, standing, a tennis racket in his right hand and a green ball on the left, waving at me as if ready for a rally.

(Eben approached Freakazoid)

Freakazoid: Pare ano ba problema? (with the conio accent)

Eben: Ano na naman ba pag-uusapan natin?

Freakazoid: Kaya nga tinatanong kita kung may problema ka ba sa akin eh?

Eben: Wala akong pakielam kung may bahay kayo sa Quezon City, at wala rin ako pakielam sa personal mong buhay

Freakazoid: Teka wag kang defensive pare. Tinatanong kita, kung wala, eh di wala (playing with his tennis racket)

Eben: Next time wag mo 'ko uumpisahan ng mga nonsense bullshit talks mo! (voice rising)

Freakazoid: Nonsense? Bakit matalino ka ba? (He is pointing his tennis racket on my face)

Freakazoid: How many times ko sinabi sayo na invite me kapag kumakain kayo (seriously this made me laugh)

Eben: Di ba nasalubong ka namin dito sa baba kanina, sabi mo kakain ka na sa labas, ibig sabihin kumain ka na eh. Bakit pa kita yayayain?

Freakazoid: (Ignoring me, playing with his tennis racket) Nung Sunday ka pa ganyan eh, bakit ka nagpapapasok ng ibang tao sa room?


Two days ago, my pinay colleagues and I had another badminton session, and after an intensive fat burning game, we decided to call it a day and returned to the house to have some rest before taking a hot shower. I let them in our room, since they just wanted to cool down a little bit while the aircon is on. They were sitting on my bed, and we were having a chat. Then suddenly came Freakazoid, he was greeted by my pinay colleagues but he just responded blandly, as if he is not in any way happy with what he just saw after entering the premises. When my colleagues left the room, Freakazoid said, “Pare next time wag naman tayo magpapasok dito sa room, lalo na yung mga chismosa...”. I replied but obviously I am not happy with what I've heard, “Oo sige next time”.

Eben: Nag-uusap lang kami, at isa pa, may karapatan ako sa room na yun dahil nagbabayad ako at hindi naman nila pinapakielaman ang gamit mo, dun sila nakaupo sa kama ko.

Freakazoid: (Not looking at me) I don't care...nakalagay sa contract of tenancy lima lang (ang nakatira sa bahay)

Eben: (WTF???? Anong konek?) Alam mo wala namang patutunguhan 'tong pag-uusap na 'to. Nahihirapan na ako makisama, ang hirap mo pakisamahan, magpapalipat na ako. Ayoko na.

Then I went back to the house, leaving the speechless Freakazoid and his tennis racket. I phoned my “Nanay” (our Resource Specialist) and I told her that it is a must that I can speak to her personally. She knew what I'm up to, and she told me to spend the night at her house in Sengkang. So I packed my things, grabbed some clothes, shoes, and other necessities. I told my other housemates that it is necessary for me to leave the house for a while because it's not “healthy” anymore. I can't stand to share a room with a psycho. I am always the one whose catching all the crap that comes out of Freakazoid's mouth, and it has to stop.

I was waiting for the bus, sitting on the bench, thinking. I was trying to justify my actions. Am I doing the right thing? After three months, my long string of patience broke. It's as if I've had enough of all these negative vibes around me, adding stress from what I'm getting at work and other personal stuffs, that I badly needed an escape, to relax, to breathe and once again rejuvinate.

From Tampines Central, I took Bus 72 and after 20 minutes I reached Hougang. The bus aircon helped me cool down a little bit. I dropped off at Hougang Central, few minutes has passed and there came “Nanay” and my “Uncle” (my dearest friend). I told them what happened. “Nanay” said that I need not worry, and that I can stay at her place for the meantime.

And so here I am, writing this entry at “Nanay”'s house here in Sengkang, this is my third night. I just want to let Freakazoid realize that of all the Tampines housemates, I was the only one who remained calm and patient and understanding for the longest time. He broke the last line of communication that bridges the gap between him and the other housemates. Somehow, I pity him. Nobody wanted to talk to him. I remember the first time we talked, I was thinking how he might have spent his childhood, was it happy? On how his mind functions, what's troubling him? On what brought him to be the kind of person he his right now, I wanted to understand. But I gave up.

These weekend, I need to go back to Tampines, I have to do the laundry! Haha. But seriously, my other housemates was planning to have another forum. I'm still hoping for the better, I still have nine months to endure...

By the way, Freakazoid is 28 years old, making him 4 years older than me.


Reign said...

Hay, I could hardly breathe on each line...
Thank goodness you stepped out of that hell alike place (mainly just because of Freakazoid).

Tapang mo pala...
Takot ako...hehe.

Please take care, okay...

Ebenezer said...

don't worry reign, ok lang ako. :)

lady said...

sir eben. natawa ko sa post mo imbes na magalit. haha..

pero tingin ko ggwin ko rin yung gnwa mo at swerte mo kasi may mtatakbuhan ka.

mali sya ng tanong at ng tinanungan. dapat tanong nya sau ,mrkina at kung qc dpt ako tinnong nya. tsk!