Sunday, 21 October 2007

Loaded Weekend

Saturday - Munggo, DotA, Badminton, Zombies

And so i miss eating ginisang munggo. Thank God my mom's friend went here for a vacation, and so the munggo found its way from the pearl of the orient to the lion city, (pinaki suyo na lang na dalhin yung munggo at ibigay sa akin). Added some chicken, leaves that I am not sure what kind, and some thinly sliced bitter gourd, my craving for ginisang munggo is finally served!

In the afternoon, we played DotA. Not yet a pro not yet a newbie or as we call it in tagalog, "bano". According to my house mates it's not difficult to master, maybe it has something to do with my learning curve.

For a change, since no one in the house seems to be interested for some fat burning activity, I invited one of my pinay colleague to come over and play badminton at a nearby court. But it seems like the badminton session turned into a "chikahan session". Haha. Though we managed to complete 2 rallies of alternating A-B-C's. We are planning to do it again next week, but this time less talk and more action.

Night time, it's movie night! Since watching movies at a cinema would mean slashing 10 dollars from our pockets, we decided to do it at home, thanks to torrent. It's 28 Weeks Later, the same old story about zombies multiplying rapidly and man's quest to terminate the undead. The funny thing about me when watching horror and gore, is that I would cover my ears instead of my eyes during those nerve cracking scenes. Stupid me.

Sunday - Job Fair

A job fair was held at the Exhibition Hall 404 of Suntec City and Convention Center . It was hosted by Job Central. Many private companies and Singapore government agencies participated in the event as job hunters both local and foreign seek for employment, submitting their resumes, signing online forms, and collecting freebies (oh yeah!). I am quite surprised to see booths of government agencies in a job fair because in the Philippines I never encountered a booth for PNP or NBI or Department of Finance or even the Malacanang recruiting fellow filipinos. People working at the Singapore Government, especially those under the Singapore Police Force, are very snappy looking in their dark blue uniforms. They even have a booth for those who are interested to guard the prison cells of Changi!

Meanwhile, in our company's booth, I participated in the handling out of flyers, talking to some job seekers, mostly filipinos and indians. I think 70 to 80 percent of submitted resumes are from filipinos who just came here to seek employment, leaving their loved ones back home to look for a better source of income. Some of them have been staying here for as long as two months looking for a job, but still no luck. One of them, even begged ("nagmamakaawa"), for today was her last day of staying here and that she needs to return to the Philippines asap or suffer the consequences of overstaying. I just realized how blessed I am, and now I value my work more than ever.

On a lighter note, let me write this down in tagalog. Marami din anaps na nag-apply. At sa sobrang dami nila, pagnagsama-sama sila, sobrang lakas ng pwersa! Kahit lumayo na ako, gumuguhit pa rin sa lalamunan yung amoy na nasinghot ko. Ika nga sa Ghost Fighter, ang isangdaang porsyento ni Toguro. Haha.

After the event, we managed to collect some 270+ resumes and application forms, excluding the online sign up. Unfortunately, when the screening process begins, half of these will just be shelved for future references. Reality bites.

The next Job Fair, according to Job Central will be August next year. Somehow I have this guilt because I wasn't able to inform my friends in the Philippines about this di sana nakapaghanap din sila ng work dito, ang problema nga lang is yung pamasahe nila.

For a full list of participating exhibitors, click here.


Reign said...

very busy weekend...

so you're into DOTA now, it's contagious and addictive as i heard, hehe.

job fair...if only we're there, we'll get the verve to be the first on the line. ;0)

Ebenezer said...

"job fair...if only we're there, we'll get the verve to be the first on the line. ;0)"

iriz sana nandito ka :(

Reign said...

huhu, don't say that...touch ako.:(